Alternatives to Medication

Instant Anxiety Relief!


In my 17 years as a clinician specializing in anxiety disorders, I was dismayed with the types of alternative nutriceutical treatments available. Some plainly just did not work and some were downright dangerous, especially in certain combinations. The frustration I felt
with trying to help patients find a natural supplement that really worked was enormous.

With the availability of both good and bad information on the internet, sufferers researching their condition online are exposed to a massive amount of inaccurate information about Anxiety and ways to address it.

Many companies market products that claim to be effective, but have absolutely no real studies to back up their claims. All kinds of bogus treatment programs, herbal supplements, and non-medical interventions are presented on the internet, hoping to get the most needy and desperate Anxiety sufferer to buy their product. Unfortunately, it often works. The vast majority of my patients have spent literally thousands of dollars on products that are totally ineffective, because they hoped for some relief.

So I decided to create my own supplement, Securus, in an effort to provide anxiety sufferers with effective and scientifically proven
alternatives to medications.

I began reading the newest, most sophisticated research studies out there, so I could recommend supplements and herbs to my patients who were undergoing CBT treatment in my private practice. Over the years, certain herbal interventions, vitamin interventions and amino-acid interventions were consistently shown to reduce anxiety – in both short-term and long-term. These heavily researched ingredients are the foundation of Securus.

I have teamed up with nationally-known biologists and chemists to create and produce Securus. It has taken nearly 10 years to get these products to market, and each and every one has been extensively scientifically examined to ensure they work I am excited to be able to provide Anxiety sufferers with a legitimate and proven alternative to medication in their quest for relief. I invite you to click onto the following link (Securus Information) and read more about Securus, what ingredients it contains and why it just works.