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Mark C. Anderson, PhD

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Mark Anderson, the Nevada Center for Behavior Therapy (NVCBT) is a unique practice whose creation was brought about by Dr. Anderson recognizing the need for southern Nevadans to receive the best and most therapeutically effective psychological care available.

Today, NVCBT stands as a beacon of hope for individuals suffering the debilitating effects of anxiety and mood disorders. These disorders are highly treatable using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is the most highly effective therapeutic approach to treating mood and anxiety struggles. In our individual treatments, we utilize specialized CBT treatment methods that are tailored for your particular disorder. Dr. Anderson is able to dramatically improve the quality of your life in an average of only twelve visits!

You’re Not Alone

Did you know that one in three individuals will suffer from a psychologic issue at some point in their life? Did you also know that what we often classify as “stress” is really the manifestation of behavioral issues that will likely only get worse if left untreated?

The good news is help has arrived, in the form of Dr. Anderson. In consultation with you, he will design the most effective and cost-efficient treatment plan for your specific needs. The approach at NVCBT is very active, focused and structured to help you to understand and master your problem as quickly as possible.

So begin your journey right here with Dr. Mark Anderson and the Nevada Center for Behavior Therapy. We’re here ready to help you live the life you deserve!

Dr. Anderson is a licensed Psychologist in the states of Nevada, Arizona, and New York. He received a combined Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and School Psychology from Hofstra University in New York. He currently has a thriving private practice, specializing in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders.

Before moving to Nevada, Dr. Anderson served three years as the Associate Director of Psychiatry Residency Training at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (North General) program, and taught graduate students in Psychology at Fordham University and Hofstra University for eight years which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Dr. Anderson was the only Psychologist in the United States to hold the Associate Director of Psychiatry Residency Training position, and he was honored with the Teacher of the Year award in 2003.

Dr. Anderson has experience working with many populations in various settings. He has extensive experience in outpatient settings, has two years in an inpatient (psychiatric hospital) setting, and has also worked in several New York nursing homes. Dr. Anderson has worked with patients ranging in age between 4 and 101 years old.

In psychotherapy, Dr. Anderson is a Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologist. CBT is a short-term, comparatively brief psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on problem solving and skill-building in order to challenge patterns of thinking and behavior that maintain anxiety and mood difficulties. It involves:

CBT differs from other types of psychotherapy because the methods used in treatment have been scientifically examined and have been shown to be effective. Research also indicates that the changes that occur during CBT treatment are durable and that the individual is less prone to relapse than with other psychological therapies or with medication treatment alone. In other words, it works!

Dr. Anderson is also dedicated to the advancement of the field of psychology and is recognized professionally. He has published several professional journal articles, and has presented at national psychological conferences.

In his free time, Dr. Anderson relishes his time with his family including his lovely wife and daughters.