Specialties & Services -Expert in several areas-

Dr Anderson and his associates provide a full-complement of services to address the needs of individuals suffering from anxiety and mood disorders, either in the clinical setting or at their residence if needed.

Areas of Specialty Include:

The staff at NVCBT only use scientifically validated treatment interventions to help you get better. These include:

Office Visits

A visit with Dr. Anderson or one of his associates are constructed to provide you convenience and include the following options:

Many people chose 45 or 75 minute sessions, however a 90 minute session is best for tasks involving behavioral assignments or work in the field such as going to the mall with someone who has panic attacks. Whatever is best for you, we will endeavor to work with it.

Home Visits/Field Work

Out of office field work involves going to places, or doing activities, that are typically avoided. Examples of this includes going to malls with an individual who suffers from social phobia, riding on a train with an individual with a panic disorder, or going to a hospital with an individual with Hypochondriasis.